Technological evolution is a phenomenon we have to cope with. Different tech companies are innovating now and then, creating new products to suit different customer’s needs. The consumer behavior is changing too; increase in wages has given them the power to choose the best preferences, often items they don’t actually need. This accumulation of items makes our houses look messy. Is there a solution for this problem? Innovation is changing all this. People are beginning to appreciate the convenience of multi-function by embracing devices that can perform more than one function at the same time.multifunctional power station holder


  1. The multifunctional power station holder

One is a multi-functional power station holder with LED lamp which you can as a phone holder, as a desk lamp as well as a charger. It is apple MFI certified and has a charging dock with a type-C port for Apple watch, iPhone, iPad, Samsung, LG, SONY and so on. By allowing 3 amps current while charging it gives you the fastest charging experience with any type C device. The LED lamp is 300 angles rotatable, enabling it to cater for your daily needs, coupled with soft brightness to protect your eyes.desktop iphone charger


  1. The desktop iphone charger

The 2in1 desktop stand holder charger is a portable charging stand for all versions of the Apple watch and all mobile phones. It provides comfortable viewing while charging and has special cutouts for better cable management, circular charger head placement to keep your devices clean and safe. It’s made of the high-quality bamboo material which is solid and durable, anti-slip and shockproof. This gives it smooth texture, comfortable and delicate touch.

multifunctional charging station holder

  1. The multifunctional charging station holder

Another one is the 3in1 multi-functional pencil docking station phone stand tablet holder, a phone holder which can also be used as the Apple pencil charger and holder. It’s made of aluminum material, able to cool faster and last longer, coupled with nice smooth polish for an elegant look. It also has two pieces of silica gel rings on the bottom for anti-slipping and one on the phone holder to protect your phone from scratch. It is convenient to carry and has a detachable base where you can use your screwdriver to pen base and build your original apple pencil charging cable, or replace female lighting to USB.

smart desk lamp

  1. The smart desk lamp

The Blitzwolf smart dimmable desk lamp is a rotatable LED usb desk lamp which comes with USB charging port, five brightness levels to enable adjusting the amount of brightness and also be able to rotate it 360 degrees. This dimmable table lamp is also able to provide led lighting for almost 5000 hours, with eye protection, which is unbelievable and convenient. Honestly, it can be concluded that you can’t find any other better or smarter usb charging lamp at the same price level.


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