Small things you have never thought that necessary they will be (part 1)


In today’s society, there are too many products on the market to choose from. For some popular products, we often tangle whether or not to buy. Unless it is bought by friends and strongly recommended to you. Otherwise, in most cases, people have always had an optional attitude to some non-essential goods. In fact, for some items that help to improve the quality of life and family well-being, even if they are not essential items, they can have a great impact on people’s attitudes and attitudes toward life.


The following are some of the small items we have collected extensively from society. These small items are generally acclaimed and are considered absolutely not regrettable to buy:

Smart Flower Pot

  1. Smart Flower Pot

Yes, even a flower pot can be so intelligent. The Xiaomi Flora Smart Flower Pot can automatically monitor the water and fertilizer and show it clearly to you. Different colors of the led light on behalf of the plant different abnormal states. The HHCC Smart Flower Pot can also access to Mijia APP which including 3200+ plant information to help you better understand your plants. If you try to know more about your plants but you don’t know their names, you can use the APP to have a search according to the leaves.

Smart Flower Pot

  1. rechargeable table lamp

The Portable Folding LED rechargeable table lamp has some advantages that it can’t be replaced by the normal desk lamp as you can take it anywhere you go without worrying if there is any plug. So you can use it indoor and also outdoor. It can’t also be replaced by a flashlight since this LED rechargeable table lamp gives bright and soft light without flash, so it’s good to protect your eyes. However, it’s not recommended to read under the flashlight light.

Smart Flower Pot

  1. universal phone holder

Phone holder is of great use especially for those who love to stare at the cell phone for hours. If you are not sure which phone holder size will be perfect for your cell phone, what about a universal phone holder? The Universal Phone Stand Portable Lazy Mount is made by high-quality ABS+ Silicon and can be compatible with all phones and tablets. Compact, lightweight but sturdy enough folding flat with adjustable angles, this universal phone holder is perfect for travel too.



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