Sm206 Solar Power Meter, Precious Measuring Tool Used for Testing Light Intensity

Today, as the technology development, more and more practical testing tools have been produced. Actually, this time I wanna share you one kind of practical tool used for some measurement about light intensity. It is called sm206 solar power meter. Then, let me tell you something detailed about it.
sm206 solar power meterIt was designed in an easy handheld shape, curved body edge line fitting with your fingers holding. Besides, simple and uncomplicated buttons design with big clear displaying LCD screen, it offers you more benefits in operating. When you use it, you need to install a 9V battery for its power supply. In addition to, it was equipped with a carry bag for convenient taking along.
sm206 solar power meter(1)sm206 solar power meter is a wide range applications tool that can be used in many aspects, including solar radiation measurement, solar research, physical and optical experiments, meteorology, and agriculture, etc. In terms of daily life actual usages, it can be used to measure glass light intensity to verify glass properties. For example, using it to measure the light intensity passing through vehicle windows.

sm206 solar power meter(2)Specifications:

  • Resolution: 0.1W/M², 0.1 Btu/(ft²-h)
  • Error range:± 10W/m2 [±3 Btu/(ft²-h)] or ±5% of the measured value
  • Temperature error:±0.38W/M² / ℃ [ ±0.12 Btu/(ft²-h) /℃] deviation at 25℃
  • Display: 3-3/4LCD display, maximum displayed numerical value 3999
  • Shift: <±3% /year
  • Overload display “OL”
  • Range: 0.1-399.9 W/M², 1-3999 W/M², 0.1-399.9 Btu/(ft²-h), 1-3999 Btu/(ft²-h)
  • Sampling time: 0.25s/time
  • Battery needed: 9V battery (Not included)
  • Operation temperature and humidity: 0°C to 50°C <80%RH
  • Storage temperature and humidity: -10°C to 60°C <70%RH
  • Dimensions: approx. 132 x 60 x 38mm / 5.2 x 2.36 x 1.5in
  • Weight: approx. 150g / 5.3oz

In concluded, sm206 solar power meter is one kind of practical and long period steadily measuring tool. It is convenient for you that it can be directly used without adjustment. Just have a try and you will not be regret. You can buy it from with a nice price.

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