Side/winder X1 3D Printer comprehensive Review

3D printers can be considered as one of the century inventions that have gained extreme popularity and importance in many manufacturing industries. Under computer control, 3D printers are capable of constructing a three-dimension object from a digital 3D model by adding materials together to form a solid object. Traditionally, 3D printers were very pricey and not common but developments in the 3D printing world have led to the innovation of high performance budget 3D printers like Sidewinder X1 3D printer. Artillery brand made a comeback in 2020 with a more upgraded 3D printer that addressed negative user feedback from the first 2018 original release.  Everything you need to know about the 2020 Artillery sidewinder X1 3D printer is discussed below.

Side/winder X1 3D Printer

To begin with the build volume, sidewinder X1 3D printer is a stylish big machine measuring 11.8’’L×11.8’’D×15.7’’H or 300×300×400mm with a noticeable build quality of thick aluminum frame and a clean large ribbon cable management. Vital parts like the mainboard, power supply and touchscreen are found in the base unit making it easier to operate from one single point. It comes with a rare 60×20mm extrusion on the X-axis and bed rail, sturdy Y-axis and a Z-axis ran by a double lead screw framework with anti-backlash nuts on the back coincided by a connector belt with a pulley.

The AC heated bed delivers high temperatures of up to 130˚C and fast heating properties like heating from room temperature to approximately 80˚C in less than 2 minutes. This is made possible because the heater is connected directly to the underside of the glass sheet meaning the bed receives 220/110V instead of 24V. This poses a hidden danger of electric shock if the connectors are subjected to a lot of motion over time. Another noticeable disadvantage is the uneven thermal dispersion of the heated bed. The print surface is a textured glass that provides a good adhesion and prevents bending for PLA prints though not removable.

Talking of the extruder, sidewinder X1 3D printer is featured with a direct Titan Aero-style extruder with volcano hot end making possible to use nozzles with a 0.8mm diameter comfortably. Two fans features is an added advantage and it operates silently.  This printer is capable of supporting micro SD and USB supported by the 3.5-inch color touchscreen.

Compared to other budget 3D printers, Sidewinder X1 3D printer the upgraded features make it a worthy printer to go for.

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