Benefits of Using the SHINECON Headset Version Panoramic VR Glasses

VR headsets are next to nothing in this world of technology. This virtual reality headsets, have great VR capabilities and displays them using a pair of goggles designed specifically for housing a smartphone to deliver the experience. With a full head strap, this top-notch device enables you to wear it comfortably as opposed to its predecessors.

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SHINECON headset version panoramic VR glasses work well with the android, apple and windows phones. These properties make it more interesting. The smartphone fits inside the front shield, and the unit offers the dials for obtaining a perfect focus similar to a pair of binoculars-pupil distance and focal distance for VR. Also, the head strap is adjustable to give a comfortable fit. The VR SHINECON virtual reality glasses provide a superior look and feel than the Google Cardboard.

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Also, the adjustable head strap the DIY folding viewer is made of plastic with pleather covered padding. This gives a comfortable fit on the head. If you need to use a smartphone camera, you can remove the detachable magnetic cover at the front. Note that the whole of the front cover of the headset flips downwards to reveal the smartphone holder. To aid in focusing the sides of the headset have knobs that are responsible for the activity. Besides, the pupil distance adjustment knob is at the top center of the headset. Rotating the knob changes the distance of headset lens. Turning the pupil distance knob widens the distance between the lens.

vr glasses

The technology of the VR glasses is the binocular independent imaging technology; this technology is consistent with the human eye 3D imaging principle; thus allowing you to get beyond the cinema 3D experience with excellent color and brightness. The SHINECON headset supports both the 2D and 3D video and has the capabilities of converting to either form. The glasses are suitable for myopic people; myopic users under 600 degrees can comfortably use the VR glasses which allows them to perfectly watch the movies with great ease.

vr glasses

Top-notch headset design

The SHINECON Headset Version Panoramic VR Glasses comes with a 360 degree integrated surround stereo sound effect to provide both low and high low voice choices for you.

Has a one-click call answer at the bottom of the body

This controls volume and acts as an answer key function. As such, you do not need to pick up the phone. Large screen compatibility; It can support up to 6 inches mobile phone, 27 inches screen computer, 60 inches screen TV.

vr glasses


With VR glasses, you can bring the whole world into your living room. Getting the 3D visual effect together with top-notch clarity has become easier, thanks to the SHINECON Headset Version Panoramic VR Glasses technology. Buy one at Banggood to enjoy the benefits.

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