Setting Up An Automatically Smart Electric System For Your Home


A home automation system permits you to control not only your electronic devices but also your communication devices. Consider that you have purchased a laptop, installed an irrigation system for your garden, and subscribed to your pay-tv. Now, how will connect all these items?


To control various electronic devices in your house, you will require interfaces such as remote controls and switches. You need different types of hubs to connect various types of devices; multi-zone controls, distribution panels, and video modulators; a router for every computer to set up a LAN; and an interface card for your network.

Smart Remote Control Socket

Before setting up an automation system, you have to know the basics of every component in the system.


Wiring Closet

The wiring closet is a tiny closet, specially designed to store a jumble of wires and to provide easy access whenever required. You can keep the wiring closet in front of your house to enable easy connection to external cables, such as cables for your pay-tv.


Patch Panel

The patch panel is the brain that controls the cables in your house. For example, cable A connects speaker B and C stereo. You can use the patch panel to change the functions of the wires. Simply unplug a socket, and patch or plug it into another. Label the cables to avoid confusion.



There are various types of connections depending on the requirements of the wiring system. There are also different types of outlets. You may have to use several plugs and sockets for the cables of your speakers.


Keypads and touch screens

The most expensive controls are the ones that use touchscreen technology. On the contrary, keypads are an easy way of communicating with your gadgets.

Smart Remote Control Socket

Smart Switches

Smart switch panels are a straightforward and flexible way of establishing control. It has an option to dim lights if you want to or increase the volume of your speakers. You should, however, use the same smart switch.


Remote controls

A standard remote control can be used to operate air conditioners, lights, televisions, and blinds. However, the whole system might be expensive. To save money, you could use a simple Smart Remote Control Socket, which performs the same tasks without requiring separate checks and much easier to install. This wireless RC socket can instantly convert any plug into a smart outlet with a convenient timer function that works on user’s smartphone so users can turn on/off any connected device on the APP.



You need a router to set up a LAN to access the Internet and network from various parts your house. A router enables all printers, modems, computers, and related peripherals to communicate with one another.

Smart Remote Control Socket

Learning about the different devices that your home automation system comprises is fun. With all these especially the smart timer socket, a smarter and happier lifestyle is for you.













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