Salt Pepper Grinder, The Necessary Good Helper In The Kitchen

Salt Pepper GrinderThis Salt Pepper Grinder is the utility model electric pepper mill. The utility model has simple structure, convenient use, small volume, grinding speed, low cost, is a kind of suitable for family use handheld electric pepper mill. Consists of upper cover and the base in the movement, are installed in the upper cover machine core is composed of battery and motor, in the movement the top button, the button connection switch. its characterized by the motor output shaft is installed on a group of change gear, change gear is composed of external gear and internal gear, internal gear and shaft, the bottom of the base has a hole, the hole base, installed in the grinding core shaft end can be inserted into the internal gear on the movement, installed in the lower end of the rotating shaft grinding, grinding core consists of outside inside the grinding wheel and grinding wheel, in the spring are installed on a shaft, grinding core is installed on the grinding core base, grinding core elastic grinding core in the base, set the elastic knob in elastic grinding core shelves.

This Salt Pepper Grinder use hundred high-quality refined from imported raw materials, durable, anti-aging. Stainless steel blade, more durable, long service life. Can grind pepper, salt crystals, something you think need grinding and so on. Artistic inspiration from Europe, and fluent line, perfect the collection structure, make you deeply feel the charm of modern life. As long as gently press the button, you can grinding what you put in.

Do you still worried about in cooking without fresh pepper? Do you think the supermarket sell pepper with additives? Now popular DIY, the operation is simple, but can realize own work achievement. Completely release the natural flavor spices, add infinite flavor to all kinds of delicious food. Salt Pepper Grinder is a indispensable good helper in the kitchen.

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