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RunCam Eagle camera
Photographs and videos are important in our lives since they record various moments and unique events. You need a high-quality camera if you want to shoot images and videos with more details in the background. There are many camera models on the market but some are counterfeit while others produce low-quality images. Runcam eagle is a modern camera which can be used in various areas such as photography, flying a drone and more.  This camera has good features which make it worth your money.


Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
WDR feature allows cameras to produce more realistic images in different lighting conditions. Eagle has been built with advanced technology which enables it to process images better than other models. The WDR gives you a clear image even in two contrasting areas. This feature allows you to keep track of your position, especially when taking a video. This camera performs well when exposed to the bright sky or a dark room.
Image Quality
RunCam Eagle takes high-quality images with little digital noise. Its default image sharpness is at 6 but you can change it according to your preference. The images it takes are smoother and this makes it suitable for taking photos and shooting video during an event. When taking photos under bright sunlight, you will notice that the images are natural and slightly warmer. This camera is also perfect in extreme conditions such as complete darkness. Its infrared feature outputs a detailed image in darkness.
Latency is an important feature in cameras. This camera has a relatively good latency which allows you to take real-time images. This feature is important when taking videos while walking or if you want to use this camera on a drone.
Aspect Ratio
Runcam Eagle allows you to choose between 4:3 ratio which has a wide 140-degree FOV and a 16:9 ratio which has 130-degree FOV. These aspect ratios work well and they are bigger than those of a standard camera. This feature allows you to take snapshots with a wider field of view which includes more details.
High-quality sensor

Eagle uses a high-quality CMOS sensor. CMOS technology consumes less power and this enables the camera to use the battery for a long period of time. Furthermore, CMOS sensors are cheaper than CCD sensors thus making RunCam Eagle camera cheaper than other models with similar features. Crash-resistant housing

This camera has a metallic housing which makes it more robust than other models with plastic housing. Despite having a metallic housing, the camera is not that heavy. In fact, it is only a few grams heavier than those with plastic casing. A metallic casing makes the camera durable and teenagers can use it without damaging any component.


Runcam eagle is a high-performance camera which is smaller in size. It has a higher resolution and a global WDR which generate clear images. This camera is crash-resistant and more robust since it has a strong casing which keeps the inner components intact. Get RunCam Eagle today and enjoy shooting high-quality photos and videos. It is also good for flying a drone at dusk.

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