Robot Vacuums – The Best Gadget You Could Have For Your House

It is always a tedious and tiresome task of cleaning the house from top to bottom. Sometimes you even spend less time on all the housework because you are too busy with work or too lazy. Fortunately, in this day and age, you can always depend on the advancing technology and you could use machines to do some tasks for you. If you aren’t happy with cleaning your house, then you’re in luck because you can always rely on a Robot vacuum. Robot vacuums are great because even if you are not in the house, they could be scheduled to clean your house with ease. Robot Vacuums was first introduced back in the year 1997 and, it was called the Electrolux Trilobite. The first robot vacuum had the shape of a trilobite (an extinct arthropod) that may be the reason why it got its name. It had sensors that used ultrasonic waves of sound like that of a bat which bounces on walls and on furniture so that it wouldn’t hit it.

 Robot Vacuum


Competition is tough when it comes to robot vacuums as many countries around the world build and create their own robot vacuums. America is one such country. But, the problem in American made products is that they are too expensive as you might have realized. But there is one Robot Vacuum that you could buy that could be operated easily, work efficiently and at a reasonable price and that is the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum.

Robot Vacuum

The Xiaomi Robot Vacuum is the latest and most advanced Robot Vacuum that has Laser Distance Sensors that can scan the surrounding area and works with an app. You will no longer need to clean the house again with its strong suction power of 1800 Pa. Its battery capacity is 5200mAh which means it could be used for 2.5 hours on a house that’s 250sqm in size. But not to worry when the battery is close to empty because the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum has the ability to automatically self-recharge. And you can sleep well knowing that your robot vacuum will not fall if you have stairs in your house because it has 4 anti-drop stair sensors so it knows when it is near some stairs or low ground.

Robot Vacuum


Having a Xiaomi Robot Vacuum is like having a faithful cleaning lady inside the house. It would be always there ready to clean up after you and you don’t have to worry because you’ll always know the Robot Vacuum will do an excellent job. One such great experience I had with the Robot Vacuum is when I had some important people were going to visit me that afternoon. I was not at home at that time and the house was a mess because I recently dropped some bread crumbs and rice grains some time ago. I was in luck because I had my Xiaomi Robot Vacuum fully charged that day. I just turned it on from an app on my phone. When I got home, I was just in time because the important I was going to meet was already there waiting for me. I opened my house and surprised to see that the living was clean and no spec of breadcrumb can be seen on the floor. I was so thankful that I bought this amazing gadget. Maybe the Xiaomi Robot Vacuum would save you also from an embarrassing experience.

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