Robot Vacuums For Your Cleaning Pleasure!

Do you cherish having the latest tech gadgets? Do you dislike dirty floors and home space but not having enough time to spare on house works? Do you wish to keep your floors tidy without as much as lifting a finger? Well, due to our hectic schedules in this fast-paced world, house cleaning can be quite overwhelming without helping hands. As a result, more and more people are taking to using robot vacuum cleaners as a fun way of getting boring cleaning chores done.

Robot Vacuum

However, you’ll need expert advice before choosing the best Robot Vacuum for your cleaning chores. The truth is that robot vacs have different technologies for cleaning: Some will move randomly across your floor for room mapping with smart sensor technology and in-built camera before the cleaning, while others will simply take a methodical approach. Some also come with remote controls which you can easily use to direct them from the comfort of your bed or sofa. In fact, the more expensive a robot vac, the more cleaning modes it’s likely to possess. The most pricey of these vacs have different modes which include:

  1. Auto which is where you programme it to run around a certain space until it runs out of battery;
  2. Turbo which is really the most mode of all and it picks up the most dust and dirt for a squeaky clean floor;
  3. Spot cleaning which is where you get it to focus on an area.

 Robot Vacuum

Unique Features of a Robot Vac

As with all tech gadgets, different robot vacuum cleaners come with distinct features particular to a brand. Among several others, some of the general features to be seen on a vac are:

– Digital signal processors.

– Laser distance sensor with SLAM or Laser-guided sensors for navigation.

– Charging station.

– Powerful DC motors for maximum suction power.

– Fine edge cleaning brushes.

– WiFi signal or remote control features and accessories.

– HEPA filtration system.

– Multiple rooms cleaning ability by internal mapping.

– Effective warranty.

Robot Vacuum

Final Thoughts

As experienced users and testers of the best robot vacuum cleaners in the market, some of the reasons we recommend these vacs for our esteemed readers include:

Easy maintenance

These robots need little or no maintenance and won’t ever complain. You just need to empty the bin and clean the robot’s brush regularly.

Robot Vacuum

Ability to clean everywhere

These vacs can fit under tables, chairs, and sofas to get cleaner areas under your furniture.


Personal assistants

With scheduling options, modern robot vacs can be programmed to clean particular rooms at particular times without stress even when we’re not around.


Different cleaning modes

Several cleaning modes allow for concentrating on dirtier parts of our homes than others for effective jobs.

Robot Vacuum

Smart Helper

Through WiFi, smartphone, and remote control features, your vac can become a “smart” assistant.


Cord issues

Because they can be recharged, you don’t need to deal with often tangled cords again.


In conclusion, we believe that the usefulness of these smart vacuum cleaners far outweighs their costs. And if you need an affordable one with all the basic features we have outlined, check out the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner.

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