Reasons Why A Speaker cannot be replaced by a Smartphone


Technology has taken over each and every facet of our lives and dictates pretty much each of the activities carried out in the modern days. Over the last couple of years, we have witnessed a massive improvement and improvisation of gadgets among them the cellphone. It is true to state that a cell phone is an indispensable gadget, considering the fact that it has almost everything at its disposal.


Despite the modern cellphone being highly advanced, it still falls short in some areas and to be specific, the sound system which is basically the speaker. The sound effect from a bluetooth speaker still gives more to desire as compared to a cell phone sound effect, and below are some types of speakers which go to prove why smartphones sound effects cannot compare to that of a speaker:

bluetooth speaker

The Aux Speakers

Although the smartphones may contain the Bluetooth feature, one cannot use this feature to listen to music with the gadget. The aux speaker is Bluetooth enabled version 4.0, enabling listen to music from your gadget at a quality sound. Coated with aluminum alloy casing, the Aux speakers give a variety of advantage from the smartphones speaker as they are waterproof, which means less worry about a wet weather or even splashes. They are dust-proof quality advancement from a normal smartphone’s speaker which means that the sound won’t be affected by dust accumulation. The aux speaker simply dwarf the smartphones speakers’ ability.

bluetooth speaker

The bluetooth pocket speaker

It is possible to walk with a mobile phone in your pocket, but you cannot communicate effectively with your phone in the pocket; neither can you listen to music using your phone’s speaker effectively. That’s what the Hands-Free bluetooth pocket speaker tries to solve. With a size smaller than a pencil case, these speakers can comfortably fit in the pocket, and since they are bluetooth enabled with a version of 4.0, one can connect any gadget either a computer or a smartphone and listen to music. They have a rechargeable battery that can run up to 8 hours, a good duration when one is going out. The Hands-free bluetooth pocket speaker also has an inbuilt speaker which are most effective in hands-free talking.

bluetooth speaker

The Pocket speaker

The smartphones sound system may not necessarily be of efficient use when one is perhaps walking or even sitting in a group of friends as it may not be loud enough. Or, the sound effects may be poor or may have power issues. The pocket speaker is well designed to handle this. With stereo Two 5-Watt speakers, a dynamic rich and quality sound is delivered. The Pocket Speaker also relieves one from power issues with a rechargeable battery that can last for over 8 hours of pure use. Their waterproof nature also proves to be imminent during a day out in bad weather. With your Pocket Speaker, the fun never runs out.

bluetooth speaker

The Double Driver Bluetooth speaker

A cell phone may not have the necessary sound effects that you need for your event or party and the Double Driver Bluetooth Speaker has got this covered. With a dual speaker and a space diaphragm, a loud and adjustable base and quality sound are produced. The Double Driver speakers have inbuilt microphones for hands-free talking, plus a rechargeable battery which can run for as long as 8 hours. No cellphone can beat the qualities of this smart speaker.

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