Reading The World, From ONYX BOOX M92 eBook Reader

ONYX BOOX M92 eBook Reader is a kind of ebook reader from ONYX company. It has a 9.7 inch E-ink display screen, touch by stylus. It is the contender of Kindle DXG.

ONYX BOOX M92 eBook Reader is a professional ebook reader, it adopts 9.7 inch Pearl screen, the ultra high definition big screen bring you a more clear image when you reading. When you viewing picture files or comics, you definitely can feel enjoyable by the big screen. Besides, a big screen can help you quicker to find out the file you want, reduce the times for searching and turning pages, is more suitable for you to read. It is worth to be mention that E-ink screen without backlight, will be appear dazzling light, easy on the eyes even for a long time reading, also is the most ideal option for reading in depth.

The key strengths of ONYX BOOX M92 eBook Reader is reading professional books, is one of the outstanding in support PDF and EPUB, mainly in the face of professional users. M92 had a big progress in hardware, especially in the settlement, make it had a big progress in speed of turning pages.

ONYX BOOX M92 eBook Reader not only had progress in hardware, also in the UI and the whole construction. E-ink is fragile, so M92 has a steel plate at the back, make the whole screen force uniform, to protect the whole screen from construction.

ONYX BOOX M92 eBook ReaderONYX BOOX M92 eBook Reader relatively suitable for the users who often operate devices, support handwriting function, convenience to graffiti or take notes anywhere and anytime. Handwriting function can better reflect some functions of the ebook reader. Such as drop down box the function of amplification for PDF format. Look up a word in the dictionary and the searching function also can be batter reflected. At the same time, ONYX BOOX M92 eBook Reader built in wifi mode, support wifi function, users can look up the information on the Internet conveniently. It is absolutely a nice product for reading in depth.

Actually, there is no shortcut in study, it just read more. Once you own a ONYX BOOX M92 eBook Reader, you are no need to looking for a book hardly, no need to feel crazy about some formular any more. To own a M92 to let your study going to be easier. Besides, ONYX BOOX M92 has a free change angle reading function, sometimes, you can change a pose to change an angle, to better enjoy the advantage that M92 brings to you. ONYX BOOX M92 eBook Reader totally can meet your demands in reading.

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