Pratank V4 Is The Core Part For An E-Cigarette

Generally speaking, there are three parts to make up an electronic cigarette, they are tobacco stems, atomizer and smoke cartridge. Inside, a good atomizer is the essential part of an electronic cigarette, and pratank V4 is one of the most popular that with good quality atomizer. Actually, smoke cartridge is a suction nozzle parts, and some factories should be customer requirements of the atomizer and smoke cartridge or smoke oil of gluing together, make the disposable atomizer. This kind of advantage is that can greatly enhance the flavors of electronic cigarettes and smoke quantity, at the same time, the quality is more stable, because electronic cigarettes knows, atomizer is one of the most easily broken, traditional electronic cigarette is a separate atomizer, it broke a few days. This is also why electronic cigarettes before was the root cause of the people question. And if have been using a separate atomizer, time is long, taste is also very poor, the smoke volume is very small. This will directly affect the effect of smoking.

Pratank V4The structure of pratank V4 is a heating components, through the battery heating, make its flank of smoke oil volatilization, form the smoke, so that the people in the use of time to achieve the effect of smoking. Pratank V4 is the latest style, greatly upgrade the smoke bombs and the service life of the atomizer, upgrade the oil atomizer, refueling is convenient, do not have to produce for small capacity frequently before refueling.

Pratank V4 has seven colors can choose, no matter how long don’t paint, aluminum alloy oxidation process, the metallic simple sense is strong. This new kind atomizer has more smog quantity, bring more enjoyment to users, and use more convenience, and the appearance looks more beautiful.

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