Powerful Mini Table Saw for hobbyists

Mini Table SawDIY is a interesting thing. You can create something you like. During this process, you can relax yourself and develop some skills. When you do something you like, you won’t feel tired at all, instead, you feel very happy and satisfied. However, sometimes when we DIY, we need some tools to help us. And maybe you will need this, a Mini Table Saw.

When you need to cut something like woods, acrylic boards, ABS and PVC, you need a saw. And if you want accurate cutting to make good works, a electric saw is better choice for you. But for hobbyists, they don’t need big table saw, and this mini saw is the best choice for them. First of all, it provides you strong cutting power with 775Nm torque motor, making the cutting easy and accurate. What’s more, the 60mm HSS saw blade can give you high concentricity. You can easily notice there is a ruler on the surface of Mini Table Saw for precise machining. You don’t have to worry about you may cut the wrong place anymore. Beside the rulers is a movable aluminum alloy backer to fix the position so that you can get accurate cutting.
Mini Table SawMini Table Saw
In addition, the screws this diy saw use are all made from stainless steel to ensure the durability. The mounting board is thick for cutting. To prolong the continuous working time, there is large thermal holes before and after to dissipate heat. You may wonder why there is hole on one corner. Actually, it is used to tip out sawdust, which is really user-friendly! And there is a holes for you to adjust the tightness of the belt inside. Coming with 7 class adjustable power adapter, compact size and so many user-friendly features, Mini Table Saw is your ideal choice for DIY!

Mini Table SawMini Table Saw Mini Table Saw  Mini Table Saw

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