Point-of-load regulator has 97% efficiency

International Rectifier has introduced the IR3846 35A point-of-load (POL) voltage regulator with an efficiency greater than 97% peak, and 95% at 35A.

The device can operate directly from 12V at higher switching frequency without the need of the need to have for any heatsink or fan.

It features remote differential sensing enabling 0.5% Vref accuracy in between 0°C and 105°C.

As outlined by the supplier, this tends to make it suitable for higher power FPGAs and Asics requiring 1% DC or 3% DC+AC accurate energy provide.

The IR3846 functions a proprietary modulator scheme that enables jitter-free and noise-free operation to allow higher frequency/higher bandwidth operation for much better transient response and fewer output capacitors.

Also, says the supplier, “the pinout is optimised for uncomplicated placement of bypass capacitors and also the internal thermally compensated current limit provides three settings that permit programmability with no added components and layout complications”.

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