Pickit3 programmer, boutique design, simulation development

Pickit3 programmer is one of development tools which Microchip provides for beginners to learn, evaluate, develop the series of PIC. It integrated the online emulation and downloading. The MCU, series of PIC, can use the interface of ICSP to connect to Pickit3. As it integrated environment of developing software, can directly support for official IDE of Microchip. Also support for all MCU of PIC with the interface of ICSP. Really allows us to be assured to be developed.

Pickit3 programmerPickit3 programmer has four features. First, the programming function can programming FLASH ROM, EEPROM, etc. Second, simulation capability supports all kinds of debugging methods, such as full speed debugging, single-step debugging, breakpoint debugging and so on. Third, simulation performance: it uses the USB interface for simulation debugging with a fast response on step debugging and breakpoint debugging. Fourth, program performance: using the USB interface, makes ICSP downloaded with a high speed. Furthermore, the USB interface is strong and wearable, can prevent the unrecognized by the computer in the status of USB relaxation. The USB connection of Pickit3 is stable and reliable than ICD2, did not often appear the problem which ICD2 unconnected to the computer.

You will never worry about Pickit3 programmer losing firmware. When it is not connected to the computer, all the lights lit, and the computer does not recognize kit3. You can use the self-recovery function of firmware. It supports for one key repair firmware. In the future, Microchip will release more models of PIC and will add these new modules into the supported devices list of ICSP. When you need to use the new modules for developing in the future, you can upgrade the firmware of Kit3, would have to be supported by new models. In addition, the upgrade is automatical. The Microchip will provide the process of prograde for us. It really helps a lot on developing.

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