People Buy UNI-T UT203 As The Ideal Tool

It is an ac/dc clip-on digital multimeter, ac/dc voltage, ac/dc current, resistance, frequency, connectivity and diode testing capabilities, is a fully functional, performance of electrical and instrument. People will buy UNI-T UT203 application in electronics, electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, manufacturing, oil and other industries, is the equipment maintenance, maintenance of the ideal tool.

buy UNI-T UT203Usually use ordinary ammeter when measuring current, the circuitry needs to be cut down to measure ammeter access, this is very troublesome, sometimes the normal operation of the motor is not allowed to do so. At this point, the use of clip-on ammeter is more convenient, can not cut off the situation down to measure the current of the circuit. Because of its safety, people are more willing to buy UNI-T UT203. UNI-T UT203 can be switch gear, a change in different range. In order to use convenient, table and different range switch is used for measuring current and measuring voltage of different levels of functionality.

The proper use can guarantee the safety of work. When to check the inventory, should pay special attention to maintain the safe distance of the head and live part, any part of the body and the distance of the charged body shall not be less than the whole length of clip-on table. In measuring high pressure back to the road, banned use wire from the clip-on ammeter another meter measurement. Measuring low voltage fuse protector or horizontal arrangement, low voltage busbar current should be measured before each phase fusible insurance or bus isolation, trying to protect with insulation lest cause interphase short circuit. When a phase ground cable, it is strictly prohibited to measurement. Prevent because of the low level of the insulation of the cable head of breakdown explosion and endanger personal safety. Buy UNI-T UT203 to make a precise measurement, work safely.

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