ONYX BOOX M92 eBook Reader Is The Frist Choose For Reading

Nowadays, less of people will spent a week to read a book, also less of people will read a newspaper from beginning to the end. In the era of digital network rapid development today, fast food culture has become a modern people cannot leave the spiritual sustenance. Under the condition of the impetus of the multifarious e-books, people read increased. As a good ebook, portability will be greatly reduced size is too big, the size is too small and will bring obstacles to reading. The ebook with 9.7 inch is just right, such as ONYX BOOX M92 eBook Reader, the size of the can from big screen reading scanning version, professional document, handwritten label.

In terms of appearance, the shape of BOOX M92 and ordinary flat shape, edge, the processing technique of sleek, general tablet was relieved from the serious rigid. The back panel and frame of ONYX BOOX M92 eBook Reader adopted all black or all white color, through frosted texture processing, facilitate handheld reading, feel is very good, there will be no electronics cold feeling. It also designs the function of the entity on each side of the screen buttons and five to the navigation key, can realize the function of a touch the same operation, for the people like to use keystrokes or occasionally without carrying the stylus, gently press to complete a variety of operations, and relative to the frequent use of stylus, this kind of keystrokes still more save electricity, extend battery life. In terms of performance, ONYX BOOX M92 eBook Reader can directly support TXT, PDF, HTML, DOC, XLS, EPUB, a variety of text reading such as PDB format, basic is swept popular reading format, no need to use other software transformation format, is one of the most direct support format e-book devices.

ONYX BOOX M92 eBook ReaderONYX BOOX M92 eBook Reader uses is no backlight, no flash, no glare, no reflective 9.7 inches e-ink screens, contrast is quite good, very close to the effect of print, especially even under strong light can clear as usual. Such screen can effectively guarantee the reader to read for a long time to minimize the damage to the eyes, special screen effect, give users a good reading experience. ONYX BOOX M92 eBook Reader is very close to provide the function of landscape, through the menu selection can enjoy convenient screen somehow switching. Make it easier for readers to read books of different kinds of layout.

As a professional reader, ONYX BOOX M92 eBook Reader is both daily read or browse is a powerful professional drawings, papers, is a very practical products.

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