New Lenovo QT81 Bluetooth Earbuds Review: Is it Worth Buying

The new Lenovo QT81 Bluetooth earbuds have literary taken the market by storm, as it has taken innovation to the next level. Basically, it brings higher information move speed, lower power utilization, and more importantly, a more steady execution. The TWS innovation isolates the left and right headphone channels, which also means that you will be able to utilize the earbuds two by two or exclusively. Now, in this article, we are going to tell you a little bit more about these earbuds, and why you should invest in them.

Lenovo QT81 Bluetooth Earbuds 3


Literary speaking, the digital display on the Lenovo QT81 Bluetooth Earbuds is fabulous, where electricity is always visible. The display screen is able to grasp the power of the charging compartment, as well as both the earbuds – the right and the left one – in real-time.

Battery life

With these earbuds, you never have to worry about your battery running out, especially when you want to travel. With the charging compartment available, the earphones are able to give you a total of 30 hours before you charge them again. And given the 1200mAH battery, it is definitely worth the consideration. Now you can travel with peace of mind and also be able to listen to your favourite music without any worries throughout.

Lenovo QT81 Bluetooth Earbuds

Other advantages

They are closer to the ear – one thing about earbuds is that some of them can easily drop from your ears, which is pretty annoying. But for the new Lenovo QT81 Bluetooth earbuds, they are ergonomic in design, which means they are closer to the ear and are not easy to drop.

New Bluetooth 5.0 – these earbuds come with the new generation of Bluetooth 5.0, which makes the connection faster and more stable.

Almost zero delay – when you look at the picture and sound, they are more synchronized, and with a stable connection, it isn’t that easy to disconnect, which is what many people want.

HD call – the earbuds also supports binaural high-definition call, which in turn makes calling the calling experience much better.

Final word

As you can see, it is easy to understand why these earbuds have caused such a buzz online. And we do believe that they are worth your attention. You can get them on banggood at an affordable price, and we will have them delivered ASAP. 

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