Necessary Parts For DIY Arduino Entry Beginner

Over the summer break, after school, I really wanted to teach myself a new skill. For quite some time now, I have been eyeing Arduino. So what is Arduino? Arduino is a platform for electronics, whose basis is reliant on the easy software and hardware aspect. Arduino is specially designed for people in various fields such as designers, artists and musicians, and anyone out there with a great passion for computer and technology. For a beginner, an Arduino Uno board and other parts described in this article are deemed a necessity.

arduino starter kit


In instances where the Arduino breadboard was not accompanied with wires, you will need to get some. The wires should be insulted in nature. The reason for insulation is for security purposes. A number of extra wires are necessary. The wires should come in a variety of colors such as red, blue, black, and yellow among others.

arduino starter kit

Arduino Uno Board

Being a beginner, you will need to link circuits on the breadboard to those on the Arduino Uno Board. After you build the circuits, a program will then be established to the Arduino Board on the Personal Computer through the help of a USB cable. The program that is being run on the Arduino will then operate by means of the circuit linked to it from the breadboard. For instance, if it was playing a music, it will flash some light on the Arduino board and then give a tune. Generally, there are a variety of Arduino boards. However, in the case of a beginner, the Arduino Uno is regarded as the most suitable.

MINI DS212 Oscilloscope


In order to make the connection between the Arduino board and the Personal Computer possible, you will need a USB Cable. Without it, the connection is not likely to be possible.


Electronic Elements

Depending on the project being handled, various electronic components are needed. For the DIY Arduino, a power source is the very first electronic component. Circuits that stand by themselves can be run by a battery. However, for circuits that are interfaced to the Arduino Uno board, they will receive their power from the Arduino Uno which is powered by the Personal Computer through the USB Cable.


So this article has just touched on the basic starter kit for DIY Arduino beginners- it is such a huge subject to deal with. I strongly suggest that anyone interested in computer and technology buy an arduino starter kit and wade in. If you already are in possession of one, then go ahead and make something out of it.

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