Necessary Camera Accessories: Camera Stabilizer

If there is one thing I love, it’s to get the perfect shot. Especially when am walking or going for a run, there are moments that will spring up on you and you know you must take a picture or shoot a video of the event. But that sometimes doesn’t always come out the way we wanted.


Cameras have come a long way and now our phones have a really high resolution which means that now we can take better picture quality and they will come out beautifully. But even with high-resolution cameras, the images will still sometimes come out blurred because we were moving and sometimes no matter how hard we try, it still won’t come out the way we want it to. And this is where a camera stabilizer becomes quite effective. They help in stabilizing your shots even when you are moving thus taking some of the most perfect shots with your phone.

camera stabilizer

The stabilizer is a handheld device and can be attached to your phone, Go-Pro, DSLR, camcorder or even a small cinema camera; yes you can use it on a cinema camera. They have been on the market for quite some time now and every day their features get better and better with each passing day. But what makes them so necessary to have?

  1. Very stable

The major advantage of having a stabilizer is the stability it accords. While shooting a video, the stabilizer will take still photos or will ensure that your video does not come out blurry or unclear. Also, there is no need to hold the camera while using the gadget thus will allow you to move your camera and swivel as you take good quality pictures in a quick and easy motion.

camera stabilizer

  1. Very Lightweight

Most stabilizers are made of high strength composite material thus reaching a maximum weight is not more than 600g. This makes it easy to travel on your person but not that light enough that you cannot notice it. For instance, it is something you can use with ease while traveling on your bike and you won’t lose stability. Also, it can fold quite easy therefore it won’t be a nag while traveling with it.

camera stabilizer

  1. Position

Stabilizers have done away with the need to find that good position to take a photo or shoot a video which in the end will cause you some muscle pain. All you need with a stabilizer it to tilt your arm or even tilt the stabilizer itself as you adjust it upwards or downwards while looking for that perfect shot.While driving next to the beach and you see the beautiful sunset, you realize you have to take a picture of it because of how magnificent it is but you cannot get out of the car, just use a stabilizer as it will help you capture that moment in pure clarity. That is the benefit of having a stabilizer with you and with it being so light, you won’t even notice its weight.

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