Neat Style Life, Start From Wooden Alarm Clock

Wooden Alarm ClockHave you ever stay in bed or grasp the bad time to be late for work? For class? For date? In a hurry to go out, no time to wash and dress makeup, dress up and hectic, or hurry forgot to take my mobile phone, wallet, notebook. Don’t worry, all this because you for a personal secretary — Wooden Alarm Clock.

It made by wooden, wood model and texture to the breath of nature into the bedroom. But it is not a simple piece of wooden board, as you can see without any display screen, but when you open the switch, soft LED lights will show on the smooth surface of the wood, when also can clearly see the time at night. This wooden alarm clock with a smooth surface when production is polished. And a Swiss style. Digital display with wooden background, can make the product more vitality. It is the best ornament of desktop and the head of a bed, the product is designed to the back of the clock control button.

In addition, this alarm clock can be set up alarm of three groups of different time, let you from hectic life. With sonic induction function, fashion is convenient. When the clock turn on, time date and temperature on the display open after a week later, the LED display will automatically shut down, enter power saving mode, clap your hands or corresponding voice is greater than 60 decibels, can wake up the display. Of course when you don’t need acoustic sensing function, can choose to shut down.  What’s more, this wooden alarm clock also have snooze feature. When the snooze function after opening, six rings at the alarm clock can, rings at intervals of 5 minutes every time. Have no open this function, the alarm clock after 1 minute, the alarm clock function automatically shut down. From now on, snooze function  let sleep is no longer a problem.

If you are a like on time and don’t like your clock surface according to pieces of decoration, that this wooden alarm clock will be your best choice.

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