MX Pro tv box, 4K Quad core UHD resolution with Android 4.4 system

I think the TV programs are few that do not satisfy people’ s desire in watching, as a result, TV box has been produced. Then, how to choose a better TV box becomes a question. Therefore, today I would like introduce you one item celled MX Pro tv box. It is a super high resolution one and with Android 4.4 system.
MX Pro android tv boxTalking about the TV box, it inevitably mentions the GUP. Because GPU of the TV box is more important than CPU. It adopts Quad Core Mali-450 GPU, the global well-known quad core graphics accelerator, which processing speed would be 4 times faster than the Mail 400, offering you smoothly and clearly watching images.
MX Pro tv boxWhat’ s more, MX Pro tv box takes 4096*2160 4K UHD resolution that has twice the horizontal and vertical visual effect and 1080p HDTV format with four times as many pixels overall. Except for that, it is high suitability that can plug and play with many other devices, such as, keyboard, mouse, gamepad and so on, easily and conveniently in your use.
MX Pro tv box controllerIn concluded, MX Pro tv box is a wonderful product that has powerful GPU and super resolution watching effect. Whether watching movies or playing games, it also brings you good enjoyment. At last, I wanna tell you one piece of good news that it is in price reduction of 29% off in If you need one, just click your mouse and buy it.

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