MUSTOOL MT8206 (2 in 1) Multimeter and Oscilloscope Review

MUSTOOL MT8206 looks like a standard digital multimeter, but the device is actually a 2-in-1 device that also serves as a oscilloscope. In this article I will taking a look at the features of this gadget.


The MT8206 has 200k A/D sampling and 4000 counts autorange. It measures DC/AC current and voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, duty cycle, diode and continuity test.
During measurements, besides the actual reading, it also displays a 41-segment analog bar, which I didn’t find very useful.

Waveform display: Displays a representation of the voltage and current over time.
Relative value measurement (REL) mode: It displays the difference between the current measurement and the reference value (the manual explains how to use it).
Show saved and current data at the same time: This is useful to compare measurements.
Holding and saving data: It allows you to save 100 sets of data and 10 waveforms.

Very affordable
Ease of use
Serves as both Oscilloscope and Multimeter
Good data saving capacity

Takes long to respond to input
Made of cheap plastic

The MUSTOOL MT8206 might be good for small repairs and troubleshooting and the signal representation may be useful, regardless of its accuracy. This electronic device is sold for about $51 at

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