Mini Q5 camera: a Motion Detection Camcorder that can be attached to your key ring

Most of us like to pictures when we see something interesting or beautiful that we want to share with friends. However, some camcorders are kinda big or heavy, which makes it not convenient to carry them with us. Some people like to travel light. If a camcorder can be such small that we can attach it to the key ring and take it everywhere we go, how wonderful it will be. If you think so, then i will introduce you a thumb camcorder, Mini Q5 camera.
Mini Q5 cameraMaybe, with such a small size, this camcorder will fail to get your confidence in it and even you will say it’s just like a toy. But even if it’s a toy, this toy has powerful functions. First of all, Mini Q5 camera can take high-quality HD 720p videos and pictures of 12 million pixels. You can take it everywhere and record any beautiful scenery and interesting moments which you want to share with your friends. Allowing motion detection and supporting long standby time of around 100 minutes, this camcorder is good for monitoring video recording and auto alarm. What’s more, you don’t need to transform the format of videos, since Mini Q5 camera record videos for AVI which PCs support.

On other hand, you may need a voice recorder in class or something, then you can use Mini Q5 camera to record voice. It supports separate sound recording.
Mini Q5 camera 1In additon, Mini Q5 camera supports PC camera for web chat function. When the webcam is broken, you can replace it with this mini camcorder, since we often break our webcams. I can’t imagine that a camcorder can be so mini. It’s so convenient for us to carry and take videos and photos in every situations. And what’s more, it can serve as a cute decoration too.

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