Mini Pratank Atomizer Let You To Know About Atomizer

With the increasing number of the people who start to pay attention to health, more and more people would like to use e-cigarette for quit smoking. At the same time, the design of e-cigarette also become more and more humanized for meeting users demand. But there is one thing they are always the same, that is the atomizer still play a decisive role in an e-cigarette. Many e-cigarette manufacturers will use mini pratank atomizer to be their dedicated atomizer.

Atomizer is a heating component, it will be heat by battery-powered, to volatilize the nicotine liquid to form smog, then users will feel like real smoking when they use the e-cigarette. Its quality is mainly depends on the material, heating coil and the workmanship. As a good quality atomizer, mini pratank atomizer use high-molecular polymer PC as material, PC is the amorphous polymer that barely colorless, with a well optical. So, use this atomizer, you can clear to know the extent of nicotine liquid while you adding. Because of the inoxidizability, you definitely no need to worry about atomizer will be corrode for soak by nicotine liquid and become damage.

mini pratank atomizerBesides, there are some advantages of mini pratank atomizer. It can be detachable to clean, also can change the atomization core. It is convenience for adding nicotine liquid, just need to twist off the spray rod directly, then screw on after added. There are two guide oil cottons were install in the bottom, have a very well effect in oil guide and oil absorption, that is not only can gain more smog and good taste, the most important is it really save the oil, is the twice than ordinary atomizer.

Some users will found mini pratank atomizer would be block, that because of the carbon deposit on the heating coil. When e-cigarettes had been used for a week, all of them will appear this phenomenon. The most substantial method is you can change the heating coil by yourself.

Compare with traditional cigarette, e-cigarette without containing tar, CO1, CO2 and other hazardous substance, so it will not be bad for users. At the same time, it also will not product the second-hand smoke, so it also will not be bad for the people surrounding. The function of atomizer is atomization, is the core part for an e-cigarette, as an outstanding atomizer, mini pratank atomizer has thick heating coil, and steel ring protect outside and some characteristics. It can ensure the good quantity of smog.

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