Mini Pliers Tools – A Little Beetle Flying Around You

Multi-functional tools are getting more and more popular, since they are much more compact, convenient. You don’t need to taking all the tools along with you( that’s almost impossible, actually). With all-in-one design, you can get the tool you want from those gadgets, saving you from lots of trouble. Mini Pliers Tools


This Mini Pliers Tools comes with really cute look, as its name implies–the beetle. When you not pull out anything from it, it is just a quiet little beetle. This multi-functional tool is made from quality stainless steel(3Cr13), which ensures its durability. With a key chain for you to attach it to the key ring, backpack or other things you like, which will makes you look cool and cute(kinda contradictory, right, but i just think so.) It is like a silver shining beetle was flying around you.
Mini Pliers ToolsI really like the gift box it comes with. It is a delicate black paper box, printed with the completely-unfolding look of Mini Pliers Tools, the brand, the name, and some words which i don’t think is English but makes the whole box look high-end. Unlike other gift box, this one has some black buttons to seal the box. After you open the box, you will find those gadget lying on the foam quietly. Mini Pliers Tools


Compared with the JEEP Multi Tool Set, this multi-functional tool has less little tools, including the pliers, wire cutter, knife, phillips screwdrivers, nail files, and keychain as i said. The JEEP Multi Tool Set has adjustable wrench jaw, different types screwdriver bits, more suitable for people who often have to fix things. I think the Mini Pliers Tools is more suitable for daily use, such as beatifying your nails, doing some little cutting. Also, this one comes with little straight driver and cross driver, which allows you to do some little fixing. Mini Pliers Tools Mini Pliers Tools
Wire cutter and knife, Phillips screwdriver and nail files are in both sides respectively, with a cap outside to protect them all. You just need to rotate both handles for 180 degrees, then you can turn this little beetle into a pair of pliers. Mini Pliers ToolsMini Pliers Tools


The most amazing part of this Mini Pliers Tools is the design. When it don’t need to serve you, it is just a little quiet beetle. And you can pull out its two caps as its wings. When you need it, it pull out the tool required by you from its little body. Though it may not have as many as functions as the JEEP Multi Tool Set, but remember, this one is only priced at $3.99, while JEEP Multi Tool Set is priced at $12.80. And this con is made up by its cute look and function as a keychain.

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