Mini Handheld Selfie Stick, an Essential Home-travel Product

When we go out for a trip, we like to take some photos, in order to keep the happy hours. Then, we may come across that we do not photograph all of my friends or familiars. At this moment, mini handheld selfie stick will do a favor. I thought it to be an essential home-travel product. Why? Let me explain you the reasons next.
mini handheld selfie stickFirst of all, it is compact and portable, with the folded design, it can put in single hand that do not occupy much of your space in your bag. It is made of aluminum alloy and plastic, rust-proof design brings you long time use. Besides, it has various selection, green, black, pink, orange, and blue are available.
mini handheld selfie stick reviewMoreover, mini handheld selfie stick is easy in use. It supports wired remote shuttering via a prominent button that in the middle of the holder with a sign. Its  cable can stretch to 23cm, which satisfies most models of cellphones.
mini selfie stick
In concluded, the outstanding feature of mini handheld selfie stick is its small size that portable and convenient for you to carry out. Although it is wired design, it costs in low price, just $7.62 and you can do a shopping in

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