Mini Bladeless Fan, Your Portable Air-Condition

Mini Bladeless FanWith the hot summer’s coming, give yourself to prepare a mini bladeless fan, solve the trouble of a summer.

It is a mini fan without fan blade. Bladeless fan also called air increases times machine, it can produce natural cool. Expect to without fan blade, more wonderful is its strange shape, appearance is streamline and relaxed. Compare with traditional fan, without blade fan blade rotation, the use of safe coefficient is high, there is no risk. And no blade fan don’t like traditional fan top-heavy, so more safe. Bladeless fan appearance contracted, easier to clean the dust, can wipe clean at ordinary times the use of a piece of cotton cloth, a few seconds to complete, convenient, and more time saving, convenient and effective. Beside, mini bladeless fan set pay attention to the air volume size and strength to innovation technology, non-polar velocity-diagram become light, rotary knob control air volume size and strength, a more ideal, human nature. Through continuous air flow to make people feel cool wind feeling, without any impact, smoother and more comfortable. In the other side, bladeless fan through the air multiplier technology optimization, front is 100% natural wind blow to the human body, containing oxygen ions. Pregnant women, in particular, it is a hot weather, blow air conditioning prone to illness, no blade fan for pregnant women and babies have good protection! But for the elderly and children have good health care effect.

Whether it’s own use or buy to send people, are better. In the home also is a kind of decoration, show your noble taste. Pay attention to life grade of people, healthy and comfortable manner without Ye Feng fan will be preferred. Use safe, to protect all the members of your family including your pet. The appearance of the fashion design, put on the table, contracted and not simple. Mini bladeless fan, bring you a different summer.

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