Mijia 1s Laser Projector: A Detailed Review of 150 Inch Screen Projector

Mijia 1s laser projector comes with a full HD 4K ALPD (Advanced Laser Display) 3.0 with 2000 ANSI lumens WEMAX ONE PRO, which, without a doubt, leads the market in 4K screens. This gives you a glimpse of the kind of product we are dealing with here. But let’s take a deeper look at this projector so that you can know what you are about to buy.

Mijia 1s Laser Projector


The Mijia 1s Laser Projector achieved a friendly design that’s made from a bright, round, and exquisite material, making it look unique and appealing. It is quite easy to integrate into various home styles as well as rich interface configuration. The same material is used even for the remote user, which makes it comfortable to hold.


The projector generates a wavelength of light, which enables it to produce a wide range of colors without it having to compromise on its brightness. What’s more, it can be the best home cinema device as it allows you to enjoy your favorite movies in a super clear manner, all thanks to its stunning 1080p resolutions. With its ALPD 3.0 laser light, you are able to enjoy all the latest movies without compromising on quality. It also has a quad-core processor and holds 2GB of RAM, which means that you are able to enjoy games, apps, and stream movies without dropping a frame. The device supports WiFi, meaning that you will be able to search the web directly without having to connect it to your laptop.

Main feature

Besides featuring a high-end unit laser, the gadget also features a top-end speaker system, delivering a real cinematic experience. Also, it has an anti-direct-view sensor on each side of the lens, which detects a human body, and as a result, reduces the projected brightness instantly so as to protect the eyes.

The MijiA 1s Laser Projector contains an optical parameter that works for the standard, cool, warm colors, and also when in film, light, or highlight mode. It also includes a rapid on and off as well as a long lifespan for autosave power.


This device is something you would want to try yourself to really understand what we are trying to tell you. You can order it on the Banggood.com site at an affordable price and it will be delivered to your location in no time.


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