What is microcontroller chips?

microcontroller chipsHave you ever know the microcontroller chips? Firsr of all, we need to know about the microcontroller. Actually, a microcontroller is basically a computer on a chip along with some other devices such as timers and counters, and analog to digital converters etc. By putting nearly everything you need on a single chip the cost can be reduced significantly. With a microcontroller, you have one specific task you are trying to accomplish, and low-cost, low-power performance is what is important.

Secondly, it is about the microcontroller chips. Microcontroller chips are a fantastic way to control simple machines and even highly complex machines. They are very small, incredibly powerful, and cheap as dirt!  Micro controllers have a variety of built in functions including a microprocessor, voltage comparators, analog to digital converters, timers and more.

Microcontroller chips are made by a number of manufacturers and there are thousands of variations available. The smallest we’ve seen has 6 pins. Two pins are always needed to supply power and ground, which leaves you with 4 pins to use for inputs and outputs. I’m not really sure what the maximum number of pins available now, but we’ve used controllers with 40 pins.

What’s more, you can program the microcontroller chips in assembly code, or use a compiler and a higher level language such as BASIC. We use basic since it makes programming much easier and I don’t really want to learn assembly language. There is a ton of online support and forums for users of these chips, and there is no shortage of application examples and information available from the manufacturers. If you are a hobbyist or are interested in controlling things you should try your hand at building some circuits with these fantastic little devices.

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