Microcontroller Chips–control the world easily

microcontrollers chipsMicrocontrollers are a modern day miracle of science which has revolutionized the world of robotics, artificial intelligence and embedded systems as a whole. Different types of microcontrollers chips are available in the market. You must know your requirements before you decide to buy one. Before that, it is important to know about what a microcontroller exactly is and what does it do.

A microcontroller contains processor core, memory, peripherals all on the same chip. As a result, the cost as well as the size is much reduced when compared to a device which contains separately, microprocessors, memory and input and output peripheral devices etc. Microcontroller chips have made it extremely economical to control digitally even more complex devices and other complicated and tedious processes where human efficiency may fail to produce the best results. Most common types of microcontrollers are the mixed signal microcontrollers which basically integrate various analog gadgets that are needed to completely and efficiently control various non-digital sophisticated electronic systems.

microcontrollers chipsWe could switch to a microcontrollers chip with 12 or 14 pins and add a wireless receiver to the package for remote control of the dispenser as well. With additional pins we could add another output and connect it to an audio alarm. The microcontroller chip could easily keep track of how many times it operates and sound an audio alarm that you are running low on fragrance and need to replace the canister. Likewise you can use another pin to drive a LED so you will have a visual warning of running low.

We still have pins so let’s add a microphone and detect voices. We can then write into the program that’s stored in the chip to begin its timing sequence only after hearing someone’s voice if the room has been dark for over an hour.

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