Micro USB EVOD2 Battery with changeable indicator light to tell you the voltage

This Micro USB EVOD2 Battery has built-in lithium battery which is charged via micro USB input port. During power-on state, you can continuously press button for three times to adjust the working voltage to enjoy different smoking feelings. Every time you quickly press the button three times, the working voltage will circularly change from 3.3V-3.8V-4.2V-4.6V-5.0V, the LED will change color accordingly, then you know current voltage from LED color(3.3V-red LED; 3.8V-red and blue LED; 4.2V-blue LED; 4.6V-blue and green LED;5V-green LED). It is like there is a rainbow on the battery.
Micro USB EVOD2 BatteryThe Micro USB EVOD2 Battery provides low power warning, low power protection, open-circuit protection, short-circuit protection and atomizer protection. The red LED will blink when it is charged 25%-50%; the blue LED will blink when it is charged 50%-75%; the green LED will blink when it is charged 75%-100%, and the green LED will keep on when it is full charged 100%. Micro USB EVOD2 BatteryMicro USB EVOD2 BatteryIf you want to enjoy more fun of smoking e-cig, you can get this budget Micro USB EVOD2 Battery to home.

Micro USB EVOD2 BatteryMicro USB EVOD2 Battery

Micro USB EVOD2 Battery Specs:

Colors: pink, white, black, silver, red, rainbow
Battery capacity: 900mah
Charging time: 2-3h
Input: 5V/420mA
Sleep Current: <5uA
Operating Temp: 0℃-45℃
Charging Temp: 0℃-45℃

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