Mi TV Stick VS Fire TV Stick

When Xiaomi Mi was being launched, it became the direct competitor to the Fire TV Stick. Though, Xiaomi is the latest in the market which comes with a lot of capabilities and features which has been already seen in the Fire TV Stick. But saying there are some other comparisons that differentiate them.

Mi TV Stick


The Fire TV Stick and the Mi TV Stick are likely similar when it comes to the USB drive and the form factor. The big difference between these devices is the remote control; the Fire TV Stick remote has one for Alexa and the Mi TV Stick remote has dedicated buttons for prime video, Netflix, and the Google Assistant while the other difference is the presence of a dual-tone color on the offering from Xiaomi.


The Fire TV Stick comes with a quad-core processor 1GB RAM and 8GB storage space and 4.1 Bluetooth connectivity while the Mi Stick gets its power from a quad-core processor with 8GB storage space and 1GB RAM where it runs its android 9.0 and comes with the Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity.

When it comes to both their performance, they support streaming FHD videos at 60fps along with DTS and the Dolby Audio surround support. The major difference is that the Fire TV stick has a screen mirror support while the Mi TV Stick supports the inbuilt Chromecast support.

Mi TV Stick

Apps Support

Both streaming sticks support popular OTT apps like Disney­­+ ­­Hotstar, prime video, Netflix and more. The Fire TV Stick has an offering from Amazon while Mi TV Stick comes with access to the Google Play store. The Mi TV Stick will support a larger catalog of apps with the google play store but the Fire TV Stick has an upper hand with an Apple TV+.


The Mi stick is definitely worth the buy, especially considering its affordability and ease of use. You can buy good on banggood, which is the global leading online store, and that means you are guaranteed of getting a high-quality product.

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