Message Alarm Clock, The Moving Never Fade

Message alarm clock is a kind of the alarm clock combines many functions in one. A multi-purpose content, can be used as an alarm clock, message board, perpetual calendar, thermometer, small night light and snooze function.

message alarm clockWith fluorescent pen can be equipped with writing on message board, light LED background light, will appear on the message board, beautiful handwriting can write memos or some warm care and remind quotations. This alarm clock have three groups of timing alarm and snooze function. The humanized design let you can in three time periods set the alarm clock, is opened when the alarm clock function, to set the alarm clock time will be about 1 minute alarm. When the snooze function is open, to set the alarm clock time, alarm rings at once every 5 minutes, a total of rings at 3 times. When the alarm clock function or snooze function rings at press any key to stop. It is worth to be mention that message alarm clock also a special function, the function for birthday congratulations. Set in the future one day at a certain hour, automatic ring happy birthday, in the condition of time display, display screen there is the symbols like a cake then show birthday congratulations on opening function, reach the set time will play about 1 minute of the birthday song. when birthday song playing can press any key to stop play. What’s more, it also have any other functions, like date, time and temperature can switch or slide show display. From 2000 to 2099 calendar queries.

This message alarm clock made of high quality material, color and luster is pure atmosphere, glittering and translucent and transparent messages. With contemporary feeling smooth lines, in the sitting room, the office can reveal the style of the owner. By the way, it is not just a alarm clock, at the time of computer USB is not enough, also can connect the mouse, U disk, keyboard, etc.


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