Me Creator 3D printer, a good equipment for DIY

Do you know something about Me Creator 3D printer? If you like DIY, it is worthy for you to own. Compared to other 3D printers, it is mini size with wider print range. Next, let me introduce you some details of it.
Me Creator 3D printerThe extruder of Me Creator 3D printer is MK8, high precision extruder, can feed evenly and not easy to close during your operating, and it also with 0.3 mm nozzle. Its machine size is 300*290*300mm, while the print range is 150*150*150mm. It requires Repeiter host and  Pronteface software, Windows, Mac and Linux systems, what’ s more, it can be printed STL files. To sum up, it is suitable for the formal ways in operation.

The linear slide rail of Me Creator 3D printer is LM8UU bearing, which is made from steel and nylon material, conjuncts with the high-precision 8mm steel rails, which performs noiseless and low wear characteristics. Therefore, its accurate guidance can offer you the accuracy of printing. If you are the freshman in operating, it also can help you DIY the aesthetic works.
Me Creator 3D printerTalking about the Me Creator 3D printer, one of its important feature is can limit the heat temperature does not exceed 280˚ for with the spacial ceramic cotton insulation, which ensures the stability of heating. Therefore, it protects the safety of you machine from overheating. What’ s more, it also has energy saving direct transmission, very humane design.

All in all, if you want to buy a DIY machine, you could not to miss Me Creator 3D printer. It is a very wonderful machine which not only has wide print range, but also has accuracy printing. And you can operate it after your receiving for it is a assembled kit and you don’ t need to install it by yourself. Come on and DIY your aesthetic masterpieces.

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