Three Tools You Need In Your Main Lock Pick Set

Probably you are tired of opening your locks using the hairpins and paper clips, or you might be looking for the most reliable tools to help you with your work. Whichever the case, there are five items that when incorporated in your lock pick set can be helpful.
This entails items that are often used by the locksmiths and can help to improve the experience of those taking part in unlocking as a hobby or those seeking to advance in it. This implies that for you to purchase the most appropriate set of lock pick tools, it is vital to consider the area of your interest. Additionally, the following is a checklist of some of the must-haves for your new pack of lock pick tools.

lock pick toolsThe Rake 
In most cases, rakes are available in two varieties including the city rake also abbreviated as the L rake and the Bogota. The city rake resembles a saw blade, and this shape allows it to work in rocking motion as it is designed to kindle the piercing of the key in the keyhole.
For a first-time shopper, the Bogota is the option to go for. The most significant benefit about this option is that it will allow you to move items in and out of the keyhole easily. However, for both option, it is vital to consider purchasing a rake that is neither too thin nor too thick. This way, you will be sure that it will not break easily when inserted in a keyhole or even fail to go through a hole because it is too thick.

A hook
Perhaps your lock pick tools will be incomplete without a hook. A hook is an essential tool when it comes to handling the single pin picking. Similarly, it can be used for a variety of activities, which make a hook a dynamic tool. However, at times the usefulness of your hook can be limited by its size, shape and the design of the keyhole. Therefore, before you pick your hook, ensure that you weigh your options to make an informed decision.
lock pick tools
Half diamond 
Half diamond is also one of the most flexible tools, but just like the latter option, it has its limitations. This tool is available in two basic forms including standard as well as the small size.
However, these two sizes will always vary depending on the manufacturer of the tool. The standard size can be used as a rake while the small size can be used when there is a need to file.

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