What Lock Pick Tools Do You Need to Pick a Lock

Lockpicking is the process through which a person manipulates mechanisms of a locking device to unlock it without its key. Though readily associated with felonious intent, it is an important skill for locksmiths or lockpicking sports enthusiasts. This article highlights different lock pick tools that work on the widely used types of locks.

lock pick tools

Skeleton Keys

Also known as Warded keys, this set is designed to open warded locks. Warded locks have obstructions which allow only the intended key to be inserted and turn the lock. Skeleton keys are made by filing away most of the central bit of the normal ward key leaving sparing only the base patterns. This allows the skeleton key to maneuver past the obstructions of different warded locks which can then rotate freely inside causing the lock to open.

lock pick tools

Torsion wrench

This lock pick tool is used on pin, tumbler or wafer locks. Torsion wrench holds picked pins in place. It is the used to twist the plug which opens the lock once all the locks have been picked.

lock pick tools

Rake picks

The common type rake picks are the Dangerfield SOHO Lock Rakes. This rake picks are slid rapidly past the pins of the lock, which causes these pins to bounce, allowing the rake picks to reach the shear line of the lock. They are the most effective on cheaper locks and are easier to use as compared to other lock pick tools.

lock pick tools

Bump Keys

These type of keys are cut in such a way that all the peaks are the same and are at the lowest groove of the key, which allows the key to slide inside the lock. Then, when you are applying torque, the key is struck causing movement of the drive pins while the bump key pins remain in place. This process causes a brief opening of the shear line, which allows the plug of the lock to rotate.

lock pick tools

Tubular Lock Picks

These tools are designed to open different tubular pin tumbler locks. They are available in different pin sizes to match the different pin locks which range from sizes 6 to 10 pin locks. When inserted and turned clockwise, the pins of tubular lock picks are forced inside the lock, which constricts the driver pins to remain behind the shear line. The lock opens once the last pin is inserted in a process that takes only seconds.

lock pick tools

In some countries, owning a set of lockpick tools is unlawful, or it might require licensing. Others countries are lenient as long as the tools are not meant for criminal resolutions. Whichever the case it is,  the tools mentioned above will make you open past locks like a pro. For more lock pick tools, please go to Banggood.

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