Let’s Know About Interphone

Baofeng UV-5REInterphone, is a two-way mobile communication tool, can communicating in the case of do not need any network support, no words fee, is suitable for the relatively fixed and frequent occasions. Baofeng UV-5RE is a kind of interphone like that.

Interphone will reach the communicate by transmitting and receiving specific signals. There are about some elements will affect the quality of connection, one is system parameter, and another one is environmental factor, and other factors. In the general speaking, the stronger the transmitter output power, the greater the coverage of transmitting, communication distance is more far, communication machine receiving sensitivity is higher, the communication distance is more far. At the other hand, environmental factor is more. Such as path, the density of trees, environmental electromagnetic interference, buildings, weather and terrain, etc. These factors and some other parameters directly affect the field intensity of the signal and coverage. The other factors including that battery level, antenna matching, the stand or fall of quality mainly depends on pre-emphasis and to increase the circuit, in addition, factors affecting the effects of intercom call distance and also related with the season, summer better than winter.

Even baofeng UV-5RE has a unique stainless steel dust flap, the routine maintenance and using correctly is indispensable. You can buy a soft case for protecting. Cover a soft case, let your interphone wear well and easy to carry. After using for a long time, the buttons, control knob and casing of the interphone are easy to become dirty. Please remove the control knob from the interphone, and use the neutral detergent and stupe to clean the casing. Even it have the waterproof function, but the water pressure is unfavorable and exorbitant. In this way, baofeng UV-5RE can give you a clear communication all the time, and have a longer service life.

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