Let’s Join the Huge Promotion With Hilda

Customers are our god. Regularly providing some concessions for our customers is the thing we are very willing to do. This time,Hilda is gonna to give you a huge promotion to you,which will start on July27th and will end on July 29th. In this time, we will give you some confessions by providing coupons and new products for you, which you may find amazing. If you miss the promotion page, do not worry because the coupons will not expire until 25 Aug. Now, click the link to get your coupons to enjoy the huge promotion with Hilda.

Hilda: https://www.banggood.com/brands-HILDA-b-796-ac.html

SKU579511-2017.7.24-1920x425-wuhuazhen-72The Rules of Applying Coupon

  1. Discount

   $8,10% off

   $20,13% off

   $30, 16 % off

  1. You can use the coupon between 27 Jul 2017 and 25, Aug. 2017
  2. Coupons are not valid for Brand Deals and New Arrivals Products.

New Arrivals

I am here to share the new products with you that you may find amazing. Now, let me show them to you.


  1. HILDA Electric Drill Adaptor

This is a electric rivet nut gun. Compared with the traditional riveter, this electric rivet nut gun is lighter and it will not produce much more noise. And it is designed to be small to be portable so it is very convenient when you work outside. Besides, the electric rivet can be more efficient than the traditional one. If you are finding a rivet, this one may be a good choice for you.

1HILDA Electric Drill Adaptor

  1. Electric Speed Mini Drill

This electric mini drill set is packaged one electric mini drill and 96 rotary tool accessories, which can satisfy you basic need of working. It is equipped with high-quality 150W motor with high performance,which guarantee your highly efficient work. It provides you with flexible shaft and cutting guide which make job easier. Besides, it is small so it is easy for you carry. With high concentricity, it can work well in drilling. Such a drill deserve your choice

 2. Electric Speed Mini Drill

  1. HILDA Mini Multifunction Table

Hilda mini multifunction table is more suitable for mini drill and drill bracket series or you can apply it on other suitable machine. It is made up of several adjustable dovetail slot aluminum alloy composition and movable ruler machined with precision can reduce the errors so as to  ensure the accuracy. What’s more, it is humanizedly designed to have working guard,which guarantee your safety in working. Thus, you can use it without any worry.

3.HILDA Mini Multifunction Table

What is Hilda?

Hilda, a professional power tools manufacturer, which is keeping its principle of living for professional, is devoted to the researching and development as well as the production of power tools. Until now, it has owned complete production line and provided various kinds of products  including power tools and accessories. Since the company established, it has won the customer’s wide acclaim. Your support will inspire us to  keep striving to make the high-quality for you and keep moving forward.

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