LAIX B2 Self-Defense Pen, Cheap Price Glass Broken Tool

If you pay attention to my blog, you may find that I had written an article about the product of LAIX B009 tactical pen, while in this article, I will introduce you another product called LAIX B2 self-defense pen. Actually, they are the same brand self-defense pens but have different designs. Both of them are welcome by customers. Then, let me tell you something detailed about it.
LAIX B2 self-defense penThis product was made by aluminum alloy material, sturdy and hard material that it can be used as a self-defense tool. Also, it can be used as a normal writing pen with a round pen tip and convenient using operations of extending and retracting pen point. Taking with an ergonomics design, it is comfortable in use. It is a fashionable design and nice looking item that can be used as a gift. There are three colors options, including black, gray, and gray silver.
LAIX B2 self-defense pen(1)What’ s more, LAIX B2 self-defense pen features with a triangular shaped glass breaking crown with a sharp point that can be used for self defense or breaking glass. Its unique diamond thread design at the handle provides an excellent anti-skid ability. With clip design, it is easy to hook on your backpack, pocket, bag,etc, very useful and convenient.
LAIX B2 self-defense pen(2)These pictures as follows are some actual use examples:
LAIX B2 self-defense pen(3)LAIX B2 self-defense pen(4) LAIX B2 self-defense pen(5) In concluded, LAIX B2 self-defense pen is a portable and useful self-defense tool. With a reasonable and ergonomic shape design, it will be your good helper when you come across emergencies. Most importantly, it costs in a cheap price, only $6.99 and you can buy it from

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