Know About Something Uni-t ut203

Uni-t ut203 is ac/dc clip-on digital multimeter with ac/dc voltage, ac/dc current, resistance, frequency, connectivity and diode testing capabilities, is a fully functional, performance, excellent electrical/electronic instruments. It is also an ac and dc current are measurable clip-on ammeter. So can also be measured frequency.

uni-t ut203Uni-t ut203 guarantee the quality of work. From the test contact jaw, range and display and so on can be reflected. From the inside out, the practical humanized design make the user feel practical and convenient. Besides, along with the product together with receive soft package. Attached receive soft package, complete accessories, simple and convenient to carry, can avoid the loss of the accessories. Expect to the normal use of everyday, this digital multimeter also need to proper maintenance so that it can have longer service life.

About the maintenance, there are points need to attention. Otherwise it may weaken or downtown instrument provides you with the ability to work if indifference. Before the use should check the meter and pens and beware of any damage or not normal phenomenon. If found any situation, such as pens and bare, casing rupture, or do you think that the instrument can not work normally, please do not use instrument. Don’t in the instrument more than 1000 v voltage between terminal and earthing, in case of electric shock and damage the instrument. When the instrument in 60 v dc voltage or work under 30 v ac RMS voltage, should be more careful, at this time there will be a risk of electric shock. Please do not arbitrarily change the internal wiring of instrument, so as not to damage the instrument and endanger safety,etc. In addition, please use a damp cloth and mild detergent to clean the instrument shell, do not use abrasives.

Uni-t ut203, performance is stable, safe and reliable, full range, overload protection, unique appearance design, smelting, manufacturing, there is a, electric power, chemical and other industries ideal tool maintenance and repair.

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