Know More About Lock Picks Tools, Know Better Thief-proof

Locks, is the normal thing in our daily life, and we will get in touch with it everyday, even not just several times. As more and more lock picks tools appear in the market, thieves are more and more rampant. It is a kind of tool for open all kinds of locks, has the key function and outline.

lock picks toolsEvery kinds locks are different in construction, it decide its different function. For the principle of unlock, most of locks are the same, but the magnetic card lock, electronic lock. It because of their lock cylinder are round. Lock cylinder is used to make a hard metal, usually copper. Copper is not easy to rust, copper and iron, etc metal stick adhesion. Copper is hard, and have good toughness, not easy to break. In general speaking, we will called the small hole on the lock body and lock cylinder as billiard hole. The function of billiard if to stuck the lock cylinder. So no matter how different of the appearance of locks, the work of lock picks tools is in the cylinder and billiard.

Insert the key into the keyhole, if the tooth on the compressed down the list, just overwhelm all the billiard ball hole, Then lock body within the billiard locked within the core of marbles to the role of the press, billiard hole back to lock. Then nothing to stuck the lock cylinder, reverse rotation lock core, with a key lock the heart after the rotation is driven lock the organs inside the body, to open the lock. It is the operation principle of lock picks tools.

Even so, you are unnecessary to worry too much. The tools with good quality and use legal also can help you to open the lock, such the one was lock the drawer you lost the key.

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