Know Deeply About 18650 Rechargeable Batteries

What is 18650 rechargeable batteries

Made of lithium-ion, these type of cells can be recharged with any electronic device. They have a size of 18mm by 65mm and 3.7 volts hence providing the best output. It has a cylindrical shape and a capacity of 3500mAh. The decision to buy a powerful battery may be a bit challenging. This is because the rechargeable batteries are a bit expensive, and you may wonder which battery is the best. A powerful battery will produce enough flashlights that you require. Getting yourself a 18650 rechargeable battery will be worth it and helps you save your money.

Choosing 18650 rechargeable battery

These batteries are made differently. Continuous discharge rating (CDR) is the most important thing to consider when selecting 18650 battery.CDR refers to the current that can be removed from the battery with less heating. The best 18650 rechargeable battery is the one whose CDR is correlated to the device you are using. Choosing the wrong type of cell may lead to overheating and damage the battery or even lead to explosion and leakage which is very dangerous.

If your device has a high capacity, consider using a battery that has the low capacity so that the current is drawn safely.18650 rechargeable batteries offer an option of either the protected cells or the unprotected cells. The protected cells are safer to use because they prevent too much charging which could lead to overheating of the battery. Protected cells are designed to protect the battery from unnecessary damages. Choosing the unprotected cells may seem cheaper for you, but they have a short lifespan and susceptible to a lot of damages. Avoid overcharging the batteries and ensure that they are placed in a plastic case to avoid being short.

18650 rechargeable battery

How to avoid buying a fake 18650 rechargeable battery

Many manufacturers produce fake cells to get huge profits. A fake battery is very dangerous to the device you’re using. It is difficult to differentiate between a fake and an original battery because they all have the same wrapping and branding.

The only difference between a fake battery and an original battery is the weight. When buying a battery, try looking if the weight of the battery appears on the battery. Consider researching the name of the cell on the internet to get details about its capacity, CDR and weight. Some manufacturers are not genuine but if you buy a battery whose producers are Samsung, Sony, LG, and Sanyo, then be sure to get the best quality battery. If you are shopping for your batteries using the online platform check the reviews and feedback.

18650 rechargeable battery


You never want to spend your money on something and later find out that it is not genuine. Following the above guidelines will help you choose the best quality of 18650 rechargeable battery and enjoy its numerous benefits. For more 18650 rechargeable battery, please check here.

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