KLOM Lock Picks Tools Is The Good Tools For Emergency

Have you had this experience? When you leave your car to supermarket or other place, but lost your car keys when you back, you must so worry. Maybe you will call the 4S store or motor repair shop to find some professional to open your car door, but this method will spent your time to wait they arrive and spent more money. Here is a special tool, KLOM lock picks tools. It is a good tool for emergency, and it easy to operate.

It made by prevent gas leakage and break leather. The trilateral seal uses the technology of 3 layer of hot melt. To eliminate the regular airbag gas burst and sliding sideways, suction tube adopts monolithic stationary, tough texture, never leak. When KLOM lock picks tools is full of gas, it can be grind by car optionally. The whole thickness is very thin, capsule body quality reinforced plastic plate to do bottom line, insert the crack of the door is very convenient. It can bearing 200 kilograms of pressure. At the time of use, insert the cracks in the automotive door or window, to the balloon inflated, makes the crack of the door or window gap get bigger, in order to unlock tool convenient quickly open the car into the car.KLOM lock picks tools

KLOM lock picks tools has four kinds of models, there are large, medium and small, arch airbags. There are some thing need to pay attention when using this tool. Do not over air inflate, if the work time is more long, take it out, use triangle wood to instead. Just need to fill the airbag, make the gap turn bigger, then the unlock tool can open the car. It is suitable for all kinds of car door open, auto repair, necessary for emergency locksmith.

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