Kamry 40w box – a temperature regulation mod for electronic cigarette

As the improvement in health awareness, more and more people abandon smoking, while some people seek the cigarette replacements at the same time. At this moment, the electronic cigarette has been produced, which hurts little in the body and satisfies people’ s desire in smoking. If you smoke the electronic cigarette, then you need a temperature regulation mod, and I suggest you to choose Kamry 40w box.
kamry 40w boxIt is made of aluminum alloy, with a size of 81.5*45*23cm, compact and portable. According to the picture, you can clear see that it has the “-” and “+” button, which used to adjust the wattage or temperature. And you can see the data through the Oled screen. Moreover, there is a brass 510 spring-loaded center pin on the head of the box, while the display atomizer is not concluded.
kamry 40w box reviewAs a temperature regulation mod, kamry 40w box takes a adjustable range from 200F to 600F. Besides, its output wattage range is 1W to 40W, and with a max output current in 20A, which brings you huge vapor enjoyment in smoking. What’ s more, it has full aspects in protection, such as, over 10s protection, over heating protection, overcharging protection and so on. It will bring you safety in use.
kamry box review
In concluded, as one of the necessary accessories of electronic cigarette, kamry 40w box will meet your need in use, providing you huge vapor and safety in use. I’ m sure that it will be your good shopping experience.

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