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Security is one fundamental basic need of a society set up. With the increasing crime rates in the changing world, having a surveillance system in place is essential. This helps you keep your mind at peace and also boost your confidence. IP cameras are flexible, easy to install and offer clear HD images. One such camera is the Xiaomi XiaoFang Smart Camera which comes with great unique features.

Xiaomi XiaoFang Smart Camera


  1. 1080P HD RESOLUTION- The xiaomi smart 1080p wifi ipcamera’s feature allows production of quality videos and images. It makes it able to focus sharper details utilizing HD resolution of 1920 X 1080 enabling clear images.
  2. 9M HD NIGHT VISION- The Xiaomi Smart IP Camerahas an IR cut filter. The IR cut filter allows the shift from daytime mode to night mode. The night mode covers a distance of up to 9 meters producing HD images and videos. This makes the camera one of the best IP camera.
  3. XIAOMI INBUILT SENSOR- The night vision Xiaomi Smart Camerahas an inbuilt high tech sensor that detects carbon (iv) oxide, smoke in a room and triggers an alarm immediately. This makes it safe for your family.
  4. MAGNETIC STAND FEATURE- The Xiaomi XiaoFang Smart Camerais equipped with a firm magnetic stand. This allows you to place it at any strategic location since you only need a metal surface. Secondly, the metal base can be stretched to lengthen the view or allow rotation of the camera to any preferred direction.
  5. iOS AND ANDROID SMARTPHONE COMPATIBILITY- You can pair the Xiaomi XiaoFang Camerawith your smartphone. You only need to download an app from play store for Androids and iOS for Apple gadgets. This will allow you to receive alarm notifications from your camera to your smartphone. This also allows you to stream live footage from your camera from any location.
  6. SD CARD SLOT- The Xiaomi night vision camera has an SD card slot that allows you to insert your storage card. This allows storage of the camera’s footage and easy retrieval of previous footages.

Xiaomi XiaoFang Smart Camera

The smart IP camera is one of the quality surveillance cameras on market today. These are some of the benefits of the camera:

  1. EASY TO INSTALL- The device comes with a detailed manual which you just need to scan the QR code and start up the device. Simple!
  2. You do not need electricians for wiring as you only need a metal surface since it has a magnetic base. You can easily change the device location by yourself.
  3. The device is portable you can easily carry it on vacations or anywhere since its small in size and light in weight.
  4. Automatically switches to night mode since it has an IR cut filter giving you continuous clear images.
  5. The device assures you and your family safety since it detects smoke and CO.
  6. It is really convenient as you can easily control the camera from your smartphone and also stream the camera’s footage.

Xiaomi XiaoFang Smart Camera














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