IP Camera Buyers Guide

The choice of camera depends on several factors, including the shape and shape of the camera factor. some cameras are the most popular style of the Bullet-Style today, and each of them offers almost the same compression of the lens and video, so it is a personal choice in the packaging. This type of camera provides improved monitoring of your surveillance system with a much higher resolution than conventional analog cameras. A higher resolution means better clarity and detail in the form of cameras with the ability to scale after recording in sensitive areas with a wider view of up to 90 degrees. Cameras are provided, referring to this on the basis of local demand and remote access.

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Advanced functions for IP camera systems

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) –

One of the best improvements for ip camera. WDR provides a dynamic and balanced contrast in the shadows (dark areas) and bright lights. The older cameras belonged to a full FOV and tried to balance the brightness, which led to a deterioration in image quality in different visual areas. WDR provides brightness in the shadows and within the same FOV, with low brightness in the frame area with sunset.

Xiaomi XiaoFang Smart Camera

Intelligent search functions –

Motion detection is an excellent function, and intelligent search provides movement in any FOV area. Motion detection detects motion within the entire FOV and Smart Search provides the same capability in any FOV area. For example, you can search for a foreground zone or search for people who have entered the door in the lower right area of the FOV window.

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Alert notifications –

The ability to send text messages or send specific notifications via e-mail is a feature not available on most DVRs and network DVRs on the market. This can allow you to be warned through text messages or e-mail messages about hard disk failure, video loss, etc. With proactive service for an important video surveillance system. Other common warnings include motion detection in some cameras that not only provide text or traffic e-mail but also video motion detection.


Face Detection and Face Analysis Face Recognition is the most popular analysis of video analysis, but also important active video surveillance functions that can track certain movements and alarms for special events. Detection of the crowd and models of aggressive behavior are noted in complex large systems that require an active monitoring program.

Xiaomi XiaoFang Smart Camera

Remote access to any device

Remote access and local access to IP cameras are provided through a secure connection to the network video recorder. Access to Xiaomi IP cameras created via mobile phones through smartphone applications is very granular today due to the speed with which you can access the video anywhere. The possibility of round-the-clock monitoring of residential and business facilities is an excellent tool for managing objects or enhancing your home security.

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Advantages of IP camera in homes

IP cameras provide detailed high-resolution images. IP-cameras now have from 3 to 5 megapixels, and compression technology is developing in the direction of 4K Video Security and above. Prices for IP-cameras continue to decline as new IP-cameras enter the market, which makes them affordable for many families now IP cameras can be used in thousands using multiple NVR servers, and PoE connections configure cameras as easily as installing a Cat5 connection.


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