Insta360 GO Review


The Insta360 Go is nothing like any other stabilized action camera you’ve ever seen, and it’s quite possibly the most intriguing camera I’ve tried out in light of the fact that it’s smart, proficient and simple to-utilize.

This 18.3 gram steady camera is about the size of your thumb, but it shoots HD video, easy hyper lapses, and it can go pretty much anyplace you need to take it.

insta360 go

The Design

The general plan is overly smooth, simple to hold, and minuscule. The oval plan makes it smooth and agreeable, with the fish-eye lens scarcely standing out from the body at the top, and the one catch situated on the back, at the base.

Since it’s so little, it tends to be anything but difficult to get your fingers into shots in case you’re not cautious, but rather that is the reason the Go accompanies a couple of embellishments, including the simple clasp, magnet pendant, pivot stand, angle wedge, and sticky base.

Features and Functionality

The Insta360 Go takes up to 200 captures utilizing the charging case, or 20 minutes at a stretch before it needs to go into the charging case. Utilizing the charging case, the Go can keep going for about an hour of shooting, despite the fact that that will rely upon various factors.

Shooting modes incorporate standard video, interval, slow motion for one or the other 15 or 30 seconds, hyperlapse recordings as long as 30 minutes to make a 5-minute video, and timelapse of up to 1.5 hours, despite the fact that I haven’t attempted a particularly long timelapse to check whether the battery can keep going that long.

Insta360 go

To shoot, you can either press the button on the rear of the Go to bounce into QuickCapture, or you can turn the camera on by holding down the button for two or three seconds until it vibrates twice, turning the gadget completely on so you can catch all the more rapidly or interface from your telephone through Bluetooth and trigger the shooting modes externally.

QuickCapture is unquestionably the snappiest and most effortless approach to capture something, and it likewise saves the battery so you can go for more. You simply need to recollect what each button press does, despite the fact that these alternatives can likewise all be changed from inside the application when you’re connected with the camera.

For reference, you press the catch once to begin a 30-second video and press the button again to stop the recording before 30 seconds. Pressing the button twice in a row triggers a hyperlapse, and triple tap it to capture a 100FPS moderate movement cut.

Video and Image quality

The quality of the recordings and pictures from the Go are extremely great, particularly for the size of the device. Shooting outside or in brilliant conditions yields extraordinary, great outcomes in HD.

Insta360 go


The Insta360 Go retails for USD $199 on Banggood and I believe that is an extraordinary deal putting into consideration the awesome features, the entirety of the accessories, and the overall quality of the recordings.

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