Innokin Itaste CLK, dainty and elegant appearance, suitable for ladies use

Innokin Itaste CLKNowadays, electronic cigarette becomes more and more popular by the users, so as the women. Because of multiple favors of smoke oils can be chosen, even the fruit favors also exist today. This time, I wanna introduce you one electronic cigarette kit suitable for ladies use, called Innokin Itaste CLK. If you are interested in it, then you could read as follows and I will tell you something detailed.

It is composed with one 800mAh battery and one 1.8ml clearomizer. Dainty and elegant appearance is one of the flashlight of it. Besides, it is light weight, equipped with the riband, you also can wear it around your neck, conveniently in carrying out. There are three colors optional, black, silver and pink.

The battery of Innokin Itaste CLK was made of rechargeable polymer Li-lon material, environmental friendly material and durable in long time use. The unique design of it is the 3 modes flashing colors of LED lights that shows the battery statue. In other words, when the green light flashes, it shows it is fully charged, yellow light half power, while red low power that you have to charge it now.

On my opinion, Innokin Itaste CLK is perfectly suitable for ladies use, elegant and light features conveniently for carrying out, even can be used as a decoration that wear around the neck. Just buy it and have a try.

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